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Australian Election

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    It's early days but there have been significant swings towards ALP and not so significant towards the green party.

    The Guardian and ABC said an exit poll had it at about 50/50, though it's reckoned the current coalition might just get a majoirty.

    ALP need 4% swing to win, but based on the early results it's only working out at 2% so far so not very likely.

    Can watch live here:

    And results are here:

    Or The Guardian also has a results page but it's not as detailed and keeps going funny on me.
    11am update: Swing is 3.1% to ALP, still not enough > so far the L/NP have 41.5% and ALP 35% nationally.

    Moreover, the growth of smaller parties such as NXT and ON is .. surprising..

    I miss kevin. *he* had balls:

    (Original post by sleepysnooze)
    I miss kevin. *he* had balls:
    Ah Kevin '07. What a man

    Looks like it will be either a wafer thin Liberal majority (Maximum 76 or 77 seats out of 150) or a hung parliament, with Liberals having more seats than the Labor Party. Interesting results given that incumbent PM Malcolm Turnbull got rid of Tony Abbott mid-term and was riding a huge wave of popularity which slowly waned a few months ago.
    Senate looks like a complete mess for anyone trying to push legislation through. It likely include about 19 cross benchers, 25 ALP and 30 Liberals. Crossbench will include about 9 greens and 10 other independents meaning that the Coalition may need to try and push legislation through 9 out of the non-greens 10 independents/minor parties like One Nation (far-right and anti-immigration), Nick Xenophon Team (centrist) and then a collection of others like radio host Derryn Hinch assuming they don't get support from the ALP/Greens.
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