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My mum has put me off my dream job!

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    if you let your family stand in the ways of your dreams you're a pussy man
    grow some balls

    (Original post by Anonymous)
    I recently got a great graduate job offer from a top UK company. I am getting a decent salary (30k) and I'm graduating with a first, everything is going swimmingly for me.

    I've been thinking of my journey to work which would take 1 h 20 - 1 h 30 minutes each way. I thought this was too much as I would have to wake up earlier than I've ever woken up before. I wanted to live out for the first few months while I settle into my new workplace but my mum is trying to force me to stay at home which would make me unhappy. She tells me it's a waste of money (Asian parents) and promises that she would take me to the station every day thus cutting my journey time down to 1 hour 5 minutes (she also agreed to pick me up). This of course would mean that I sacrifice some social aspects as well as no gym on weekdays. But 1 hour 5 is more doable.... Whether she can keep up with her promises is another story but she usually does.

    But my mum is spewing so much propaganda and giving me horror stories about renting places that I am totally put off by living out. She also wants me to save money so I can buy my own house. At the same time I feel that I will be unhappy living at home due to the longer commute and I won't enjoy myself.

    Now I am put off working for this company because I don't know what the **** to do. It is my mum who has ruined the experience because she being Asian and protective would rather me save money and stay at home rather than live closer. I would like to save money though... but the office is a journey from east to west....

    Also, I've verbally agreed to share a flat with 2 of my new work colleagues and it's been 2 weeks into the discussion, would it be rude to just tell them I want out and to commute from home? This is another dilemma i'm facing.

    I think I'm in a position where my mum has put me under so much pressure that I would just turn down this job, which is unheard of for this kind of company. I am going insane because I have no idea what to do!!!

    Am I overreacting? What can I do?
    That's a huge salary, so you can definitely afford the rent. Maybe, as a mother, she doesn't want you to leave the nest.

    To put it bluntly you need to start being an adult and start thinking for yourself.

    Forget what your mum is saying. What do YOU think/want? Because through this whole thread I've not seen you speak for yourself once. Only ask what other people think YOU should do.

    (Original post by Anonymous)
    I told my mum i wanted to move out, she gets angry and tells me that I'm making a terrible decision because I'm "wasting money" and I have no concept on saving money... wtf
    you're unlikely to convince your mum to change her mind... you just need to make up your own mind and do what you want to do, it's your life and your money, you're capable of understanding that it will take longer to save a deposit if you're paying £6-700 a month in rent and bills but if it's worth it then you should go ahead

    (Original post by Anonymous)
    I told my mum i wanted to move out, she gets angry and tells me that I'm making a terrible decision because I'm "wasting money" and I have no concept on saving money... wtf
    That's rubbish that she is getting angry at you but sometimes people get mad when they don't get their way and she probably does think she knows what is best for you but the reality is that part of growing up is making your own mistakes and also living independently, you might not save as much whilst renting but you're only young once!
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Updated: July 5, 2016
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