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Got a First Class Degree but a lot of my family are extremely jealous. What to do?

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    (Original post by marco14196)
    A first class in WHAT though? Not all degrees are created equal at the end of the day
    Not just degrees, but the university too. Unis with lower entry requirements tend to be easier. It's common logic.

    I know of friends who had firsts at bottom of the ranking unis and some who had 2:1s at RG unis. The difference in standard of work for similar subjects was shocking.

    (Original post by samklipas0)
    Why do you care anyway? I could have easily have just made that up
    Cus', boredom.

    (Original post by samklipas0)

    So I recently received my results and was awarded an overall First class degree. I was expecting this and I fully deserved it for all my hard work and effort and I was proud and happy for it.

    After telling all my cousins and family about it - a lot of them were noticeably very jealous. They were saying "Oh" or even not congratulating me and this really annoyed me and upset me. The people who I have done favours for and the people who I thought would share the same love and support I had for them - just did not seem happy for me. A lot of my school friends, however felt happy for me.

    The thing is, this in itself has already put me off. If the people who I call family, are noticably jealous of my success, what do I do in the future when I get married, get my first house and also go through my worries in my life? I don't think they will support me in tough times if they can't even simply congratulate me! It is shocking.

    I know people will say "forget them" or "you don't need them" - but that is easier said than done.

    What should I do?
    **** them off. Grow a back bone. If my family did that I'd only make polite chat, nothing more or ever help them. But that's me who bends over backwards to help, if not reciprocated, I **** them off. Easy. Most people have this in family.

    You have friends, they were happy, they'll be there for you, always happy with your progress.

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Updated: July 4, 2016
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