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Denmark set to REVOLT against EU as Europol gains more power over member states

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    A new poll has found more than 60 per cent of Danes want a referendum on a continued relationship with Europol if a renegotiated agreement cannot be reached within six months.

    The Liberal’s EU spokesperson, Jan Jørgensen, said: “We can not just continue to wait.”

    Last year the country voted against ending the flexible opt-out arrangement under EU Justice and Home Affairs laws, meaning the Scandinavian country must reach a parallel agreement with Brussels if it wishes to remain apart of the co-operation.

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    I just wanted to say that I LOVE these thread titles. They are GREAT.

    Good for them

    I'm not suprised.

    ayy we've started the rolling ball

    (Original post by offhegoes)
    I just wanted to say that I LOVE these thread titles. They are GREAT.
    That's the Express for you, they LOVE to CAPITALISE certain words in their headlines as if it makes their sensationalist (and mostly untrue) guff somehow more believable. I'm starting to think OP is just an Express employee trying to get clicks on their site :lol:
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Updated: July 3, 2016
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