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Czech President calls for EU referendum as union crumbles in wake of Brexit

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    A Czech referendum would go against the will of the nation’s government officials who oppose the idea of an in/out vote, as well as EU officials who are scrambling to keep the crumbling union together and the President’s own opinions on the European project.

    But a June poll claims 34 per cent of Czechs want to leave the diminishing European Union, following in the footsteps of the UK after the historic vote for Brexit.

    Speaking to voters in a small Czech town President Zeman said: “I disagree with those who are in favour of leaving the EU.

    “But I'll do my best to have a referendum so they can express themselves.

    “The same goes for a NATO exit.”

    It comes after months of deliberation from the central European country over the idea of holding their own referendum in the wake of Britain’s decision to put the decision to the public vote.

    But while referendum proposals were backed by a 250,000 strong petition, officials confirmed the nation will not allow voters to have the final say on decisions that could see the country breach its international obligations.

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    What happened to your caps lock button? Did it break?

    And shouldn't this title be: "Czech President doesn't want to leave the EU"?

    (Original post by offhegoes)
    What happened to your caps lock button? Did it break?

    And shouldn't this title be: "Czech President doesn't want to leave the EU"?
    I like this guy/Please do not harass him
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Updated: July 3, 2016
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