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Modern Languge BBB grades

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    I'm interested in studying Spanish from A level standard alongside beginners Italian. I'm predicted high grades but am wanting to keep my options open and look at lower entry required unis just in case. Does anybody know any unis that could work?


    That has returned all 33 unis accepting BBB & lower for degrees containing the subject "Spanish". You'll have to look through for those with Italian ab initio as well.

    Or actually if you just look through http://www.whatuni.com/degree-course...-0c-0d-0e&rf=g which is the search for Italian; it'll be quicker.

    I can't recommend any specifics but that'll narrow down your choices^.

    Whilst I neither know what exactly the 'high grades' you're predicted are (if it's in the A*AA range then BBB is probably erring almost excessively on the side of caution, for example) or what you're looking for in a modern languages course (a traditional-style literary course? Lots of linguistics? A focus on history and politics? All of the above?), there are several places with a typical offer of BBB or below, and many more with ABB offers. For example:

    Bath: ABB
    Cardiff: ABB
    Reading: BBB (or ABC)
    Glasgow: AAB-BBB
    Manchester Met: 104-112 new UCAS points inc. B in Spanish (eq. BCC-BBC) n.b.: this course offers Italian only as a minor subject, with Spanish as the main.
    Swansea: BBB-BBC
    Aberystwyth: 280 old UCAS points inc. B in relevant modern language (eq. BBC) - the course title is Romance Languages

    All of these offer Spanish and Italian at or near BBB entry. However, if you are likely to achieve significantly higher - say a prediction of AAA or above - then you will find many more courses available at AAB range (the typical offer for languages for most Russell Group universities and near the top of the league tables). In this case, barring unusual circumstances, you may not find it worthwhile to apply below ABB. Of course, if you love the sound of Swansea's course then that doesn't apply.
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    Thank you both so much! That's really helpful
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