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I need a girl to help me build confidence

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    I graduated about 3 years ago and I have serious relationship problems. During my time at uni I tried my best to make friends and build a social circle. I joined plenty of clubs and tried to meet new people, but I always had issues with my confidence. A went into a string of depression related issues and a lot of it revolved around girls. I have always been quite nervous around girls and have struggled with long conversations. In general I have had very little contact with the opposite sex, but not for lack of trying.I want to change but I don't know how anymore. I feel like I'm just becoming more isolated since graduating as I have lost my uni friends. I now have a very small circle of friends, but no real social life. I feel like I need someone (a girl) to help me pick myself up. I want to find a girl to spend some time with me so I feel more comfortable talking to girls and to generally help with my self-confidence. Maybe she could introduce me to some friends of hers too? I am a decent looking guy (or so I've been told!) with a muscular physique. I have a high-paying job in London and I want to leverage that if I can (even if that means paying her for her time). I know that comes off as desperate, but that is what I am right now :/. I don't know what else to do.How can I build my social life and self-confidence/where could I find such a girl to help me?

    have you tried meeting girls on sugardaddie.com? Sounds like your sort of thing

    Yo dude.. im new to this but lemme be honest...

    Allow all these materialistic things brother... This lifes a test, you should devote yourself to doing good in this world not looking for temporary happiness in such things, as they say deeds are eternal not the flesh..but if you want some advice; the only person that can take responsibility is yourself.

    It seems to me your a bright individual, hardworking, talented... you dont need too worry, these are attributes that will attract the right people with time.. keep your head up, have patience brother, keep working hard , be humble and you will benefit.

    May the almighty keep you from strife.

    happy holidays

    Self-confidence can't be given to you by someone else - it comes from within

    Would love to add my thoughts here but I don't know the dynamics in london.

    OP since u have no friends. Why don't you start making a friend from work ?

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    (Original post by hassan5251)
    I always had issues with my confidence .. have had very little contact with the opposite sex .. no real social life .. How can I build my social life and self-confidence
    1) Work on yourself

    2) Socially immerse yourself

    3) Hire a dating/life coach (like me) if the above don't deliver results
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Updated: July 3, 2016
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