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I apologise to all Brits

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    (Original post by slaven)
    I do not give a **** about civil liberties, to be precisely as long it benefits me. Also, so long I can shout racist so that you can fold from the hard way.

    You still did not invoke article 50 so this means Britain is free for me to move (which I shall do in near time to study for free in Scotland). Also, the NHS is for me as well and I am glad I would not have to give a cent but use it instead for free.
    Okay, Now i think you do really need to apologise to the Brits.
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    (Original post by NJA)

    I would be interested to hear how you view the EU, what benefits or costs do you see for Croatia & Hungary in following that political project?
    There is no much philosophy. The only reason why countries were joining the Union is because they were promised a high, westernised living standard. The eventually some negative sides would be overshadowed.

    This is the main and only benefits of joining the Union. Keep in mind many sacrifices were made to join the Union (especially it is true in case of Croatia)

    But once joined the Union one realised the actuall negative impacts. For instance, the EU funds which were said to be given were hard to get from the Commission, than the centralisation of Brussels... made the Union very unpopular. Accepting some refugees are also never something we ever subscribed. At the end the EU is seen as a great scam.

    I hope I was precise in your answer. So if you have detailed questions just ask
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    (Original post by HucktheForde)
    Okay, Now i think you do really need to apologise to the Brits.
    But muh civul liberties.

    Shut up. The NHS belongs to all EU citizens and not only to you. Thank this to civil liberties, human rights and other abstract ******** you believe in as a cult.

    (Original post by slaven)
    ...At the end the EU is seen as a great scam.
    We hear very little of the negative effects in other countries!
    Only how wonderful it is and how foolish we are to leave.

    There are some documentaries such as this (which wasn't shown on TV, as far as I know) that indicate it was mostly about what suits big business, not communities or things that don't appear on the balance sheet.

    (Original post by MrControversial)

    Google around for the housing crisis as well. You would be shocked just how much artificial diversity has destroyed many of us on the ground economically.

    The UK has been a scam, we've been measuring economy by size, not shape. The extreme left screwed up our country to use immigrants as a pawn against their perceived ideological enemies. People have had enough. When the EU referendum came up, we said bring it.

    There are other little reasons for leaving the EU, such as the extremism of the left who have gone so far in supporting immigrants and other cultures that it is turning into reverse racism. It's also shocking for us to see people crying over the tragedy of us leaving the EU and abandoning the objective of it while completely ignoring the real problems that millions of people here face, including migrants, of securing a home.

    This is hard for migrants and young people to understand. They didn't live through it. They don't understand the political madness of the downfall of our nation.
    How old are you? I'm 35. New Labour was my youth. And it was hell. I watched everything get wrecked. The cynicism and total abandonment of the national interest was shocking, we just got sold out. All you say is true there. These policies were utterly cynical, solely to please the corporations, globalists, and Americans and we totally abandoned our solidarity or conscience. As you say, to see people sold on a false dream, and oblivious to it's cynicism, to see a bunch of people who's sole motive is a shallow cosmopolitanism and a dislike of terrible 'liitle Englanders' (in fact many of whom are far more complex people(and not definitely not racist) who oppose the dissolution of the nation state)crying over this cause, a lot of people who now think they are the left who are actually only the cultural left, and the economic right, happy to live amidst this gross injustice and inequality where only Europhilia and 'culturedness'(instead of our supposed evils, even though we are the least racialist nation in Europe) trumps all is vaguely sickening, as is their sneering and totally inhumanity, whilst they call themselves progressives.
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Updated: July 17, 2016
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