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Is visiting Stockholm worth the expense?

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Why bother with a post grad? Are they even worth it? Have your say! 26-10-2016
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    Because reading about how expensive it is makes me think I could holiday like a king in other parts of Europe instead.

    I went last year because I was in the area (international gathering for one of my hobbies about 50 miles away).

    It is good, and looks good. Gamla stan is lovely and touristy for good reason. Walking up the hills in Södermalm is also great for good views. The Vasa museum was interesting and getting boats between the islands is fun. Norrmalm is the modern centre and the main shopping district, and good for fika and has the observatory for more good views. Yes it's dear. You can seek out bars where they'll sell you a beer for less than 40kr, but par for a pint is about 60kr. The first night I was there I had a veggie buffet for 195kr. So I'd say it's more expensive than London for eating. I enjoyed the usual meatballs from street stands. That's probably the cheapest local eat.

    Very pretty and certainly worth a stop on the bucket list, but it's more of a place I can see myself living and working in rather than visiting on holiday.

    (Original post by rockrunride)
    Very pretty and certainly worth a stop on the bucket list, but it's more of a place I can see myself living and working in rather than visiting on holiday.
    This sums it up for me. When I first visited on my own I really liked it and I kept thinking I could live there, but I got bored quickly. I've been back a few times since but not in a holiday sense (I'm dating a Swede) and I prefer it when I'm just "living" there.

    I am planning on moving there for a masters.

    I personally don't think it is as expensive as reputation suggests. Remember, it's the capital, and I think the average grocery shop is cheaper than it would be in London actually. Besides, on my first visit I went to Oslo straight after Stockholm and wow it made Stockholm look soooo cheap :awesome: .*

    Some of their metro stations are quite interesting, as they are caves.

    (Original post by Unown Uzer)
    Some of their metro stations are quite interesting, as they are caves.
    Yes. Universitetet is worth a visit.

    Hi Fusion,

    Stockholm is an incredibly exciting city, and, whilst it does have a reputation for being an expensive destination, there are several ways to reduce costs of a visit to allow you to enjoy visiting this wonderfully unique destination!

    Firstly, accommodation. Interhostel is one of the cheapest places in the city, with rooms from 149SEK per night. At current exchange rates this is only £13.50, cheaper than in a lot of other European cities, though it is a hostel, so rooms are shared. In addition to the price, it is a short walk to the central station and around the corner from Stockholm's major shopping street, Drottninggatan. If hostels aren't your thing then the Rex Petit Hotel or Connect Hotel are also good budget options.

    Another way to cut costs of staying in the city is to pack lunches and enjoy in one of the cities many open spaces or parks, rather than eat at restaurants, with supermarkets and other places to buy food supplies abundant in the city, with Lidl and Hötorgshallen generally being regarded as the cheapest supermarket and food hall to buy from respectively. However, several restaurants in the city do offer very affordable lunches, with prices averaging around 100SEK (£9) at midday, often tripling in the evenings. Also worth a mention is the cafe at Sweden's largest IKEA, which offers IKEA classics such as hotdogs and meatballs at a reasonable price (the store is also mentioned in the official Stockholm visitor guide!). For a quick coffee and cake stop between attractions, Jernthorgiths Cafe is in a great central location and great value for what you get! In addition to all these offerings, Stockholm has a rapidly growing foodtruck scene, compromising a wide variety of cuisines, so you're bound to find something that takes you're fancy! (http://www.hittatrucken.se/#/ provides a really handy map of the location of a majority of the trucks in the city, and the type of cuisine they serve). It's also a good idea to bring a water bottle with you and refill it at various places all over the city, as buying a bottle costs on average 25SEK (£2.50) each time. Although Stockholm has a reputation for being expensive to buy alcohol in (and, in comparison to many other countries this is justified), it is possible to have a night out that wont break the bank, though this is more likely to occur if you drink beer instead of wine or spirits, with it being about half the price. Stockholm also has many microbreweries around the city, giving a wide choice to choose from. If you really feel the need to party however, Stockholm Pub Crawl offers the chance to experience a variety of different bars and pubs with discounted drink prices and entry included in the pub crawl cost of 200 SEK (around £18).

    In order to see many of the city sites, there are free walking tours available, and many of these have different routes and starting points depending on what you want to see. Stockholm also has several free parks where it is possible to spend the day just soaking up the atmosphere and enjoying the scenery (for example Djurgarden Island). Unlike many other European tourist destinations, where museum entry is free or payment is a suggested donation only, on average most museums in Stockholm charge 120SEK (£10) for entry. However, there are some free museums to visit, such as the National Library and Modern Museum. In addition to this, it is possible to buy a Stockholm Pass, which grants you entry into 80 of Stockholm's museums and galleries, as well as unlimited travel on the city's public transport (including trains, subways, buses, etc.) and, as Unown Uzer and rockrunride have pointed out, some of the stations are attractions themselves, with the metro being dubbed as 'the world's longest art gallery', due to the abundance of paintings, sculptures and mosaics featured in them, with these being well worth the visit alone!

    In addition to open spaces and metro stations, there are many other things to do and places to visit in the city, such as:
    • Gamla Stan (also known as 'Old Town'), one of the well-known tourist areas. Here there are many traditional touristy souvenir shops, as well as cafes and boutiques. Some of the buildings here date from the 1200s, so provide an instant insight into some Swedish culture. Gamla Stan is also the location of the city's Cathedral, the Nobel Museum, and the Royal Palace - home of the King of Sweden, and of the changing of the guard, a huge tourist attration.
    • Skansen Open-Air Museum, the world's oldest open-air museum, where over 150 different buildings and houses from around Sweden have been collected and reassembled, to give an authentic taste of historic Sweden. It is also the location of Stockholm Zoo, where alongside animals that are found in a majority of zoos, there are additional traditional Scandinavian animals such as the Scandinavian brown bear, Reindeer and Swedish elk that are more rare in nature.
    • SkyView (Ericsson Globe), the world's largest spherical building is found in Stockholm. For 130SEK (around £11), you can be taken to the top of the building on a gondola to give you a 360º view of the city from a height of 130 metres above sea level.
    As you can see from above there is plenty to do in Stockholm that won't break the bank and is different than 'traditional' tourist excursions. In addition to these, Stockholm is an especially good destination to visit in the summer due to the high amount of sunlight hours it receives, with it often being light for 21 hours at this time - plenty of time to see as many sights as possible and visit as many of the 14 islands that comprise the city as possible - talk about value for money!

    I hope this helps!

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