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Guys: Would you date a girl with acne/acne scars?

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    (Original post by Foo.mp3)
    Depends how bad they are and whether they're on the face. Have very high standards when it comes to facial aesthetics. Dated this Brazilian chick who had ACNE pock-marked cheeks once, but only because she'd hidden this expertly with makeup/photoshopping prior to our meeting. She was a lovely woman, and we were quite good friends, and it didn't stop us having a nice time together, but was never going to go anywhere :sad:
    So you found her attractive until you found out her skin wasn't good?

    (Original post by depress7)
    was it never going to go anywhere purely because of the pock scars?
    If she'd been younger, and UK based, then perhaps I'd have looked into treatment for them. I should note that I'm not your average TSRian, however e.g. I know how to take my dating destiny in my hands i.e. I am/can afford to be picky. As such, I'm not all that representative - plenty of young lads wouldn't be too bothered, or would learn to live with, girls with skin/aesthetic conditions

    (Original post by loveleest)
    So you found her attractive until you found out her skin wasn't good?
    She was still attractive (killer curves, gorgeous bronze skin-tone, otherwise pretty, cute and feminine), only her cheeks were a lil off-putting

    Welp looks like I'm forever alone

    You know what when i had clear skin i used to look at people with acne and think " ew i'll never date anyone with acne" but after getting it myself i can honestly say it doesn't make a difference know and i'd actually prefer to date someone WITH acne just because it makes me feel more comfortable around them to be myself

    It would depend entirely on the coverage, severity and extent of the resulting disfigurement. Oddly enough—possibly because I've suffered with it myself—relatively mild acne (e.g. this) is something which can actually endear me towards a member of the opposite sex; but the line is a fine one, and the more it detracts (or subtracts) from someone's facial-features, the more off-putting such a condition tends to become.
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Updated: August 14, 2016
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