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    im 16 and looking for a job. my mum's friend of a friend runs a coffee shop, which is open to hiring younger people without experience of working in a cafe, and im interested in working there

    on wednesday (4 days ago) me and my mum went in to the coffee shop and spoke to the guy. we discussed hours, what i would be doing, and pay (6 pounds an hour, which is AMAZING considering min. wage for 16 year olds is £3.87). it seemed like it went quite well - he said i could do a 'trial shift' (one hour) to see if i'm suited to the job, and that he'd confirm if i could work on the day i asked for. he also asked for my email address, phone number, and national insurance number, which i gave him. overall, it looked promising and i expected him to get into contact pretty soon.

    its sunday* now (4 days later) and i havent heard from them at all, and when i asked my parents both recommend i make contact.

    ((*they're open on weekends, but are especially busy on saturdays and sundays apparently))

    my dad said i should make a cv and then call, asking for the email address so i can send them my CV. he also said to do it tomorrow, due to the fact that saturdays and sundays can be very busy. this seems like a good idea as i can contact them without being too pushy/annoying. HOWEVER i have no real work experience and nothing to put on my CV. also, it seems very formal, and i got quite a casual vibe from the shop when i went in there.

    another thing could be to just call and remind them that i asked for a job, but that seems very pushy. i could go in and double check that they got the right information, but that also seems a bit frivolous/unnecessary

    another option would be to just wait and see if they contact me, or start looking at other jobs

    please help! my parents wanted me to call today but i don't know how to go about it/what to do

    Hi there! If you haven't heard anything yet, definitely get in touch. Just make a quick call and ask how your application is getting on, and ask if there's anything else they need. Also make sure to ask about that trial shift. They should be able to let you know what's going on then
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