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Abingdon council rejects rainbow Pride flag.

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    (Original post by Kazuhira)
    Why are people so militant about LGBT rights ?

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    I guess to them it's about pride and progressive activism, and they become so absorbed into it that they forget about how aggressive it can be seen by members on the outside.

    I'm not a member of the LGBTQ+ community and I'm certainly not an activist per se, but I do support them from an "outside" position.

    (Original post by Kazuhira)
    Why are people so militant about LGBT rights ?

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    Because we got it wrong for so long.

    We have to correct this mistake

    See, if they'd justified the decision with something other than "what kind of message are we sending" I'd have been fine with it tbh, as a member of the LGBTQ community and as someone who lived in Abingdon until she was 9. That being said "it's not an Abingdon event" when Abingdon is literally 20 minutes away from Oxford by bus and half of its teenagers go to Oxford schools and most school trips are to Oxford is a really weak argument.

    C'mon, step it up here guys! I'm disappointed!

    (Original post by Bjornhattan)
    Speaking as someone who is gay, this isn't an issue.

    Abingdon is one small town of 30,000, and frankly I don't care whether they wish to fly the pride flag. There are bigger problems facing the LGBT community than whether a rural settlement in Oxfordshire chooses to fly our flag or not.
    I think the gay activists may have fallen into an older and more primeval struggle.

    This building was the County Hall of Berkshire. Abingdon was forcibly moved into Oxfordshire in 1974 and it looks as though the resentment is still there.

    The Councillor said:

    He added Oxford Pride was not an Abingdon event and, should there be an Abingdon Pride event, "this would be welcomed, and we would be pleased to consider allowing a rainbow flag to be flown from a flagpole on the Market Place".
    The issue is not that this is Pride. The issue is that this is Oxford.
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Updated: July 4, 2016
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