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Finishing my postgrad but no motivation, severe depression.

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    TL;DR: Depressed postgrad, no motivation, must see degree through, need help with motivation and time management tips.
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    Hey everyone, thanks for responses in advance:

    I am a 23 year old postgraduate soon to complete my part-time MSc.

    When I started in 2014 my life was completely different, in that I was more confident in my abilities, had more security etc. 2015 to now - where I still had 50% of the degree to complete was the worst time in my life; I became homeless following a long term relationship breakdown which I'm still not over and realised that a lot of my friends didn't really care just wanted some gossip to talk about.

    I got low 2:1's for both the essays I got mit circs for (2015 academic year) so I am reallllly worried about the dissertation. I don't know what to do as I'm constantly in a fuzzy head fog and as my 2015 grades were noticably lower than the first academic year I'm really worried about my dissertation which is worth a third of the whole degree.

    I have also been diagnosed with ADHD and on medication for it (concerta) which has helped me be more sharp in my job but in terms of motivation, it's still not there. My medication is definitely responsible for big mood swings too. I have felt empty and like too much of an outsider to achieve anything or be personable in a job because of my confidence.

    I am being bullied at work and people keep bringing me down regarding my intelligence not being mindful that the pregabalin I take for my anxiety is responsible for it (clumsiness). Either way, being told by people who have few GCSEs that I'm not good enough for a masters has really brought me down, and I know I should just assume they're jealous but I feel inferior and have just become a shell of a person this last year.

    I can't drop out because Career Development Loan requires it to begin being paid for as soon as they hear you've left. Even if I defer I still need to begin paying back the loan.

    How can I get motivated over the next two months? 10,000 words to go.

    (Original post by diabetty)
    TL;DR: Depressed postgrad, no motivation, must see degree through, need help with motivation and time management tips.
    This is a really late reply sorry! Have you seen your GP or anyone about this? If you're on concerta and pregablin I would assume you have but if not they're a very good place to start. Lack of motivation and feeling empty can be big symptoms of depression and given what you've been through it's completely understandable, there's a lot they can do to help though. I'd also advice speaking to your university about how much you're struggling- the student support services there can be amazing in terms of practical study tips, counselling etc if you want it or just in terms of practicalities and getting mitigating circumstances if you're eligible for them. Hope you you can manage it!
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