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What level of aptitude in mathematics is required for the ACA qualification?

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    I'm strongly considering pursuing an ACA trainee grad scheme, but at college and university I studied humanities. I have a strong 2:1 (67) in English, an A in GCSE statistics, a B in GCSE maths, and a good head for numbers (I'm very good at mental arithmetic). Would the maths I would experience be well beyond anything I have dealt with before? Do you think I could cope? I am a fast learner, but tend to struggle somewhat with maths involving more obscure concepts (trigonometry was an Achilles heel of mine during high school). Is this kind of maths prevalent at all? (Obviously trig won't be).

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    Bit of a common misconception that the ACA has a lot of maths. You need to be competent enough, but there isn't any heavy maths involved. There's a bit more maths involved in the financial management paper, but I wouldn't worry about it. You should be fine. If you train with a tuition provider, they'll offer you enough support.

    What gets to people about the ACA is the sheer content - there is an absolute tonne of stuff to learn and get your head round, but this is not necessarily "mathsy."

    More memory than mathematics as far as I'm aware.
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    Thanks for the feedback, really appreciated.

    I'd say a B in GCSE will serve you fine, as long as you're comfortable with percentages and ratios and generally aren't afraid of numbers you'll be fine
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Updated: July 4, 2016
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