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On birth control, but I can't stop being paranoid about pregnancy!

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    I'm half way through my second packet of the combined pill (Rigevidon). I have never missed a pill, and I take it at the same time every single day and make sure to follow all instructions correctly. I also haven't been ill or took any medications that could affect my pill's effectiveness. Sometimes me and my boyfriend use condoms but majority of the time we don't use one (we are both clean from std's) and he pulls out, he has never ejaculated inside me unless he is wearing a condom which we've had no "accidents" with, and we previously used the pull out method during my first packet (don't worry we used a back up for the first 7 days like my brand's leaflet said so) and everything was fine, I got my withdrawal bleed as I should with no pregnancy. However, I still can't stop worrying that I'll end up getting pregnant every time I have sex or at risk at least, i overthink all the time and drive myself crazy that every twinge of pain I get etc is a pregnancy symptom or something?! I always end up on the internet searching for answers to reassure me but most people are quite negative and don't help much, please help? I want to be able to trust my pill to do its job and relax and enjoy sex without the nervousness afterwards
    P.s I'm looking for answers to reassure me because I'm extremely sick and tired of worrying all the time, so no negativity please as that will make me feel worse, we enjoy using the pull out method as I believe it works with my pill and it improves our experience.

    'OMG, I had sex therefore I might get pregnant' is a common worry, especially for women starting a new form of contraception.

    Alone, the combined pill is very reliable. Using condoms plus withdrawal (on its own, done consistently is about as reliable as using condoms) as well makes it very very unlikely that you will become pregnant.

    If that is not enough, consider the implant. That's more reliable than having a sterilisation operation.
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Updated: July 3, 2016
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