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If we have Black History Month why don't we have White History Month?

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    What I don't understand is why it's a whole month? A whole month every year? We'd spend more time commiserating the sad history of all people ethnically diverse but merely one day to celebrate the birth of God on earth come to save man from their sins etc. I understand a memorial day or even possibly a week but a whole month? We don't even devote that much time to other history.

    (Original post by jeremy1988)
    Well, the main idea is that White people have contributed so much to the world over time that it would just be arrogant to dedicate a month to ourselves. It's basically considered rude to point out White accomplishments when other races may not have accomplished as much. That's not the nicest way to say it, but that's pretty much what it comes down to.

    The other issue is that White people don't really like being lumped together. If you did create a White History Month, various nationalities would complain that it's predominately highlighting British and American achievements, and then ask for a German History Month, an Irish History Month, a French History Month, etc... and before you know it, everyone would want their own month, and there are only 12 to go around. Someone would be left out and angered.

    The main reason Blacks were chosen to have their own month is because they need the most encouragement. They have no large countries or great empires to their name like Whites and Asians do. So we throw them a bone and remind them that despite the bad luck of their people over time, they still have contributed a lot and are meaningful. Think about it... if you're White, you can think about ancient Rome. If you're Asian, maybe you think about China. If you're Arab, maybe you think of ancient Persia. But if you're Black? Well, maybe Egyptians were Black? Otherwise, you've got nothing.

    So Black people need a month more than everyone else does. Hopefully during that month, they will find something to take pride in and thus feel less of a need to tear people of other races down to make themselves feel better.
    There r black empires

    Mansa Musa's empire stretched from mali to North Africa to the east of chad

    No one knows cause its not a famous empire like persia who got in war with the roman empire
    Somalia had an empire
    It was very advanced. The sultan traded with persians,arabs,indians,chinese and the byzantines


    (Original post by Hippysnake)
    Damn he's right.

    (Original post by joecphillips)
    White people are currently being discriminated against look at the bbc for 1 example.

    Only non-White applicants that seems pretty discriminatory
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    always wondered why there were more "ethnic minorities" on tv than what is seen in real life.
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Updated: July 4, 2016
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