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Suggestions on what to do over the summer

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    Hi TSR,

    I have just finished college and I am really bored. I have been volunteering for CAB for one year, and it got to the point where I kind of got really bored with it and planning to quit. I was wondering what sort of activities/jobs I could undertake over the summer, so I could kill some time until I start uni.

    Thanks in advance

    What uni course? There's going to be a lot of material you can look at to give you an edge. More practical subjects offer more options since you can do stuff, as well as just learning and reading material. So on the whole uni prep is a good one to get you going.

    Googling things to do when bored throws up a ton of options and you'd likely find something. I used to get bored easily so these are some of the many things I do to stave off boredom:

    I play piano (learn a musical instrument)
    I'm learning Japanese (learn a language)
    I'm creative (loads under this listed below)
    I draw
    I write (I write random stories, was planning on starting a blog, write on forums like this)
    I make stuff (I have a few YouTube channels and art sites I make content for)
    I'm motivated by money (look for business ideas and ways to make money)
    I work (get a job)
    I read (read anything, stories, factual articles, poetry, whatever you want)

    Alongside the already mentioned uni prep (look at course content, self research, lists of things you need to take and do, etc.)
    There are also a bunch of things I'd like to do (effectively a bucket list) which include trying archery, sword fighting and becoming ambidextrous, among others. Consider making your own and trying some.

    Keep in mind also that boredom doesn't mean you have nothing to do. It's a lack of motivation. Find something to keep you motivated and you won't be bored.

    And that's just the tip of the iceberg. There's thousands of things you could do, hobbies you could try and so on. Some are free, some are cheap and some are expensive. But there's bound to be a few things you like.
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Updated: July 3, 2016
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