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    1. Do not over prepare or you will not hit you peak remember its an APTITUDE test not a test of content. (about 3-4 weeks is optimum)
    2. Focus on timing
    3. Focus on not letting nerves get the better of you
    4. Book a time where you can focus the best
    5. Verbal is a bich so have a strategy before you attempt this section
    6. Dont underestimate SJT. Some unis reject applicants with band 4
    7. Oh and the maths is piss so try and get like 800+ here.

    As UKCAT specialists I feel there is something we can add here.

    1) You're right that it's important not to peak too soon, but 3-4 weeks might not be enough prep. It depends on how much time is put in each day. In our experience many students who get the best scores start early doing little and often over a period of many weeks to allow the style of the UKCAT questions to become familiar and for their question-answering techniques to bed in. Of course if time is less you will have to work more intensely over a shorter timespan. Whilst UKCAT is SUPPOSED to be an "aptitude test" as the name would suggest, it is widely known (and even acknowledged by UKCAT themselves in their test analysis studies available online) that students who prepare more get higher scores. Therefore it's sensible to prepare well.

    2) Absolutely - timing is essential in the UKCAT and the best way is to get into a clockwork rhythm with the questions. If one question is taking too long just make a sensible guess and move on - you can "flag for review" to allow you to revisit in case you do have any spare time.

    3) Absolutely - the best ways to help with test day nerves are 1) prepare well so you're confident in your question answering strategy and 2) apply to at least one BMAT university so even in the event of a disaster on the day, you have an alternative option.

    4) Yes you should book a time of day that works well with your body clock. Booking towards the end of the testing period gives you more time to prepare - but be careful doing this. It tends to be more popular to book later on, so make sure you don't leave booking until the last minute as you may find all the test centres near you are completely booked out.

    5) Yes verbal reasoning can be tricky as time is tight to digest all the information. It can be helpful to read the question before the passage of text - this allows you to focus in on the information in the passage you need to answer it and you can skim over irrelevant details. For more tips try one of the popular UKCAT books available.

    6) All of the four scored sections of the UKCAT will be seen by the medical schools you apply to so all are important. Many medical schools make public how they use the UKCAT score to assess applicants, so check this out for the universities you are interested in.

    7) The maths section can be quite tricky. Whilst you would no doubt get every question right in double the time, the timings are calculated to put the time pressure on. In addition, if the questions are perceived as easier by the examiners the scaling will be more aggressive. Practice using the on-screen calculator to improve your question answering speed.

    Hope that's helpful

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Updated: July 9, 2016
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