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China Love Britain and we Love China

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    The Chinese have been going shopping spree crazy for British goods. They prefer British brand names to the cookie cutter garments thrown out by Bangladesh & Pakistan.

    This is a good business opportunity for Britain to create good quality garments for the Chinese middle classes as our weaker currency allows our exports to become more attractive.

    Its worth stating that China isn't just one solitary country but a massive economy with a love of everything of the old British Empire.

    Like wise our commonwealth cousins have shown the same kind of passion in the past but now they are all grown up and are key players in the global economy.

    I dare say that its about time we gave China back there national treasures which are located in many British museums. We didn't exactly pay a fair price for them as we took them when the Chinese didn't know any better during the occupation and their Communist past.

    This would create a lot of healing between us as the Chinese are proud patriotic people. We of all people should understand this.

    Brits selling Air to the Chinese below.
    I am serious!
    Click link to look.


    Political protest by self-immolation followed the barbaric acts committed by the Chinese government in 2008. As Tibetans marked the anniversary of His Holiness the Dalai Lama leaving Lhasa, demonstrations erupted into violence and more than 220 Tibetans were brutally killed and over 1,294 were seriously injured. Over 5,600 were arrested, 290 sentenced and more than 1,000 simply disappeared. Many of those who were detained were tortured, a practice that continues to this day and one China repeatedly denies. Prisoners are regularly subjected to brutal torture, citizens who are seen to break rules endure brutal beatings and Tibetan women face forced abortions and sterilization. Even within China itself, massive human rights abuses are widespread with an estimated 20 million Chinese citizens working in prison camps. Sadly even after the passing of six and a half decades and cries of desperation from the people, no progress has been made. China's occupation of Tibet is one of the worst examples of state terrorism and human rights violations that has ever been witnessed. Victims and family members have reported that none of their heirs of the tragedy have ever received a judicial commission report and the courts consistently fail to provide justice.
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Updated: July 4, 2016
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