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Will there be trouble at the Olympics?

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    With the Olympics only a month away, Rio de Janeiro is a city that is suffering. They are dealing with social unrest caused by financial trouble all over the city. There has been a dramatic rise in homicides, as well as robberies and gun-related crimes.

    Police and fire services have been reduced due to the financial problems as they are making widespread cuts, and this has led to people from those services to go on strike, as shown by the image above. During the hosting of the 2014 World Cup we witnessed trouble, but this time round it seems even worse as Rio de Janiero finds themselves well and truly in a financial crisis.

    But that isn't the only thing they have to deal with. There is also the Zika virus to contend with, which has seen numerous athletes refuse to attend the event and has put many people off visiting.

    Should the 2016 Olympics and Paralympic Games be postponed until the situation has improved? Should it be cancelled? Furthermore, should there be more vigorous checks into countries that want to host sporting events in the future?

    I personally do not keep up much with the Olympics however every time I hear something about the upcoming Olympics there is nothing positive. I will be very surprised if they did actually cancel or postponed them just because of how far they are into it. However, the amount of danger everyone will face is very visible.
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Updated: July 4, 2016
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