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Getting the copper coil fitted

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    I have just booked to get the copper coil fitted. It is my sisters graduation in the afternoon so i am slightly worried about the pain the day of getting the coil fitted. I wuld also like to know the process and how much that hurts as i am slightly nervous even though i have quite a high threshold for pain for things like that due to severe period pain before going on any contraception.

    Any experiences welcomed but if can put me at ease and stop stressing would be much appreciated!!

    Also any advice to make pain more bearable if any!

    I had one fitted a few years ago. It was painful for me but not awful and I had period pain style cramps afterwards; this is just my experience though and yours might be different (I don't have a particularly high pain threshold). I've heard that taking painkillers half an hour before the fitting helps to make it less painful; however I didn't do this.

    When I had my mirena coil fitted fortunately I was put to sleep (for health circumstances) and I felt okay afterwards, there was a little bleeding and I had slight pain, it was more of an uncomfortable feeling because theres something in my womb lol. But apart from that its okay. I don't really notice it anymore.
    Mines is due to be removed next year.
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Updated: July 12, 2016
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