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Help getting her back

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    Hi guys,

    When I first started seeing my ex I on occasions sent flowers to her work and she used to love it. We have been broken up for around 2 months but have been in contact. We had talked about trying to see if it could work again however we were both at different stages , but she still cares for me and wants to get to know me better( that was about 4 weeks ago) I initiated contact a few days ago wishing her all the best for her graduation and we exchanged a few messages. We are both attending a summer camp at the end of the month and I really want her to know that I have changed as a person ( At the beginning I was expecting too much from her in the relationship and not giving her enough free time). An idea crossed my mind to send flowers to her work with a cute little note asking her out for coffee, which is something I did at the beginning of our relationship.

    Do you guys think this would be a good idea, or has anyone else done similar romantic gestures to help win their ex back and show them that they have changed?

    One cannot for sure say if it was a good idea to "win" her back. The reason is that everyone is different and everyone will act different. However, if you really believe you have change and you want to, as you say "win" her back. Speak to her and ask her is she would like to go out for dinner or something. Talk and let yourself communicate with each other. From there both of you will know if you are ready to go back together. Showing that you have changed will not be an easy task just because you are not together. However spending some time together may let her get a new insight on how you have changed.

    I do wish you good luck and I hope for all the best.

    Personally, I don't think sending flowers is a good idea at this point. It sounds like, although you meant well, you were not giving her her space and she needed more free time. Being in a relationship with someone who only wants to be with you and expects 100% all of the time is exhausting and ultimately harmful to the relationship. So, if you want to show her you've changed don't try too hard.
    Sending flowers is bordering on the over enthusiastic trying to hard side. Yes, girls do like receiving flowers and it is a romantic/sweet jester that is appreciated but in this case go slow. Just ask her to meet for coffee, hopefully by seeing her face to face. It's important that she doesn't feel pressure. You convincing her you've changed will take time so don't rush it with cute jesters. Why are you at different stages and does that affect the future of a potential relationship. Should be considered before getting back together.
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Updated: July 5, 2016
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