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I Don't Understand My Essay Question???

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    Discuss the statement below. You may focus your answer on one medium or media in general. This is a very broad question. You should interpret from this question a problematic that limits the scope of the question, that you can research, and that allows you to consider some of your assumptions about making films and/or photographs.

    Historically the arts, notably film, photography, painting, theatre, and literature, have had distinct national characteristics. Globalisation and the international circulation of art weaken the arts' connections to national aesthetics and politics, resulting in what could be called 'global art'.

    I am by no means a creative thinker, more of a science person but does this help;

    Traditionally, arts were unique to each country. Kabuki? that was japanese. Theater (whats now called western theater i think)? that was american (or whatever im not sure, you can see the science coming in here xD). Similarly rock would've been more british/american. You could see where each art was from, there was no in between or question. Each country had iconic art which defined it.

    Thanks to globalisation and circulation, the art is no longer limited to a country. You can now find hundreds of japanese rock bands, in fact universities offer hundreds of different clubs/societies which bring various arts into one place. These arts are no longer limited to each country, you could find japanese kabuki directed by a russian, played by irishmen, being showed in america. Though the art is still connected to the county, it is no longer limited to that country. it is, 'global'.

    Well, you can start by defining the 'global art'. Use the mind-mapping techniques to describe your thoughts. You may compare some kinds of art and give some examples. It is a very needed part. Once I was writing an essay about worldwide connection. It seems to me, that it's a bit similar. You know, I was using some 'advisor', I mean supreme essay service. They helped me a lot with it. But that was an option for me. I hope you'll write it without problems. All the best, CameronGibb!
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Updated: July 6, 2016
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