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Is it fair to blame Muslims for terror attacks?

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    1. (Original post by tazarooni89)
      A lot of Muslims have links to war torn countries even if they're not physically from they're. Not least, Muslims often get angry about wars in countries that they have no relation to at all (Palestine being an obvious example) because it's other Muslims being attacked there.*
      lol you say that so blazenly like its normal. it isnt, its function of a flawed system. again a muslim in uk getting so angry about a muslim in palestine or iraq that he travels to pakistan to learn how to bomb 50 of his fellow countrymen - may make sense to you in an islamic perspective - it does not from any moral, logical or indeed humanistic one. im explaining to you that its the islamic persective that is flawed- ad what essentially leads to terrorist attacks. islamist doctrine instils a primitive form of tribalism that is not even instinctive to human psyche - ie a drip drip effect that eventually makes you hyper sensitive to the political agendas of islamic leaders and de-sensitises you to violence toward fellow countrymen, ethnicity, even family assuming they dont follow the same islamic agenda. Point being- i or anyone normal has some sort of loose 'nationalistic feeling ' toward where i grew up, family, the people that surrounded me, that i became familiar with, supported me etc. Islam teaches opposite, ie to turn back on close ones, familiar and native surroundings if they are not islamic. and in fact to create an almost violent obsession with islamic causes over and above even your own family. it is unhealthy and unnatural - and indeed leads to murders.
    2. This is not new revolutionery thinking btw, people have known this for decades - but banked perhaps on the ability of western society and its benefits to overcome backward thinking. in the case of islamist ideology ( and the use of internet etc) - as a result the islamic world has a lot more confused nutcases within that are susceptable to extremism. Note that the attack you see are tip of the iceberg - you have heard little about the attacks that were foiled, the ones that never got off the ground, and indeed the ones that play out in the heads of the gullible Ummah.com or suchlike islamic chat forum users. the real damage islamist rhetoric is not i the political sphere, its inn the minds of the all the future problems of suggestable youth pre-programmed at childhood to adopt whatever is islamic in nature and reject else
      (Original post by tazarooni89)
      No, I didn't, this is actually your failure to read. I have said repeatedly that the Qur'an condemns these things very obviously.No, I'm saying that the Qur'an is a higher authority than him. Referring to him becomes irrelevant when the matter is made clear in the Qur'an.There's a completely separate debate to be had about whether what Muhammad did was contrary to the Qur'an or not, which gets complex because people it is easily misrepresented, misunderstood, some historical sources are inaccurate etc. But it's moot either way.*
      it amuses me the way you suggest noone can read anything without 'mis-interpretating' funny how its only the messages of violence that get mis-interprets in islamic world. whereas all other elements are practiced ' to a perfect understanding' Anyway without digressing, mohammed was clearly written to have ' tow female satirsts killed after his conquest of mecca. There isnt much to mis-interpret. and dont forget we arnt talking about the notes on the Double Helix here, but the tales of a arabian warlord going to war with some other arabian warlords. You seem to keep asserting that mohammed has gone agaisnt the quran - but you forget for billion odd muslims, mohammed is the perfect muslim and knows the quran better than anyone. so their actions can follow his ( in their minds)

    (Original post by tazarooni89)
    If that is definitely you, then of all the Muslims that you know, why have none of them come and crucified you yet, as the verse suggests?
    My personal charm and the fact that they have not encountered me in a Moslem country.

    1. (Original post by ChaoticButterfly)

      That is not to say the peons have no agency and there will be more educated a self aware ones. But I just don't think it is what is in the book that is the problem. IT is a more deeper part of human nature and herd mentality at work imo. Which is why it is stupid and counter productive to try and make the troubles we face now as a "the liberal west" vs "Muslims" that many seem to want. It should be liberals vs Islamists and terrorists, where Muslims can be on the liberal side.
      it should be but it isnt - hence the problem. radical islam and islamists control all the power in islam becuase they are the ones that are closest to its pre-medieval origins. moderate reformists are the fringe in their society - they have no power or influnce. they have to have a death wish if they are to speak up. and we are no better - do liberals speak out against intollerance and tyrrany ? only if they are well versed int it. if they dont , they do not. can we speak out about islamist ideology here on tsr ? no because your posts will be removed. how do you expect moderate muslims to do the same if we arnt even able?
    and the point that most islamists cant quote the entire quran ( most of the billion or so muslims cant btw either) is not really relevant. we are all supporters of western democracy, can we all quote all our legistlative acts ? doesnt mean we dont support the principles

    That is a stupid question. For any crime, you blame the perpetrator, solely. Would you blame all Irish people for the IRA, or all white Americans for the lynching of blacks?
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