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Does he like me?

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    To start off with I'm sorry for posting this because I know loads of you hate posts like this but I have NO one to talk about it with as my best friend likes this guy (he friend zoned her) and if I tell my other friends they would tell her.

    So it started 3 years ago. I hated him but then started to really like him. At that point he hinted he liked me too as he'd talk to me all the time about pretty personal stuff and he'd offer to walk to class with me. I then messed it up (don't ask). I only recently rekindled everything and me and him have been getting on really well.

    He had a nickname for me and kept it for what he recalls like 7 weeks. I again wondered why he'd been keeping track. He tries to get close to me too. Worst of all he keeps staring and I always catch him but then sometimes he catches me too.

    His friends always told me we suit and he'd deny it but he'd deny it very quickly and wouldn't let me have my say on it (doesn't sound too good). Whenever I am in a conversation with someone he always tries to get in on it. I really like him but I don't know whether he feels the same.

    I once caught him full on standing behind me for a while and then he slowly moved away but it was so awkward and creepy. He once told me he loved me in front of his friends and they all burst out laughing but he went bright red. He's been giving me thousands of mixed signals but I just can't decide whether he does or not because it's been going on for so long.

    I'm going to delete this soon because I'm so scared he's going to see it.

    Thank you

    Sadly you'll have to wait for the mods to do that (regarding deletion of this thread)

    Next time he stands behind you... don't let him go. Then see what happens


    Let it be

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    (Original post by shawn_o1)
    Sadly you'll have to wait for the mods to do that (regarding deletion of this thread)

    Next time he stands behind you... don't let him go. Then see what happens
    Hahaha, It's worth a try :laugh:
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Updated: July 4, 2016
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