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[IB student] Oxford Maths/Maths & Statistics

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    I am an IB student (between penultimate and final year) with the following subjects taken:

    [HL] Maths
    [HL] Economics
    [HL] Geography
    [HL] English B

    [SL] Polish A
    [SL] Chemistry

    Initially, I wanted to apply for PPE, which I still find highly interesting and appealing, but I started to wonder about possibility of studying Maths/M&S as this is the area that I also enjoy (and one I am quite good at). Before making the final decision I need to know whether my subject combination is at all suitable for Maths (I've found data that 82% of Oxford M&S students had Physics as their A-Level), or whether would I be disadvantaged without IB Further Maths/further science subject. Do you know anyone who has gotten into Oxford with relatively artsy subjects or would you rather think that it is too late for me to consider maths (as I cannot change my subjects) and should focus on PPE instead?

    Thanks in advance

    EDIT: I know that MAT is also an important factor for admissions but let's assume that I may do well in it and focus on my IB subjects for now

    I am also doing IB. Do not take IB Futher Maths . It is absolutely not necessary. Yes the majority of students that study Maths at Oxbridge have previously taken physics in IB and A-lavels. I do not think that it should be a major drawback for you...
    There is no "perfect" subject choice for any course and there can be always deviations. I would say that you have a decent subject choice that can get you into Human Science course, PPE or just pure Economics course (more suitable).

    You absolutely won't be disadvantaged for not taking Further Maths. It's a very very rare subject, most people have never heard of it, let alone take it. Also you're half-way through the DP already so no point in changing subjects now.
    As long as you have HL Maths, you can be made an offer for Maths. You just need to do well in the MAT, and at interview if invited.

    (Original post by Skye25)
    As long as you have HL Maths, you can be made an offer for Maths. You just need to do well in the MAT, and at interview if invited.
    Agree wholly with this. Do note 39 with 766 at HL and 7 in maths is the standard offer.
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