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ex-teacher flirting with me?

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    (Original post by AndrewSCO)
    My thoughts are that your school used you for a lot of free labour
    I was happy to help - i find it really hard to let go of my school because of all the stuff that happened in the 7 years i was there. it meant i was able to stay longer, and thats fine by me
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    UPDATE: I emailed him telling him i got the second job interview (because he said at the party to keep him updated) and he said "Congrats anon well done!!! Let me know how it goes!"

    Sounds like you've initiated a lot of the flirting here and kept the conversation moving forward. Perhaps he felt obliged to reply to your emails as you sent so many.

    This is so embarrassing to read. You seem so immature. I think he is just being nice to you.*
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    I'm gonna stop emailing for about a week because 1) i think hes on camp, so he probably wont have access to his emails and 2) ella and i looked through his and his mums instagrams and we feel like family drama is going on, so I dont want to be an irritation - i know that a message from certain people while drama goes on can be annoying and make you feel worse and i dont know where i stand so i dont to be that person. I did email saying that my second job interview was today as he wanted to know how my job hunting was going

    tbh it doesn't seem flirty just friendly

    He seems fond of you but I don't really see the flirting. Unless you're actually flirting in the emails. Quite a few of my teachers are like that. One of them liked to tease me and I would tease him back all the time. We now have him in our steam group and play games together in the evenings. Another liked gossip and would love to stop and talk for a while. I even flirted with one of my teachers but that's because we're both flirts and it was like our type of banter.

    The question is, do you want there to be something?
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Updated: July 12, 2016
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