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Bremainers are almost guilty of treason

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    Well it's a free country, so "treason" (as you put it) is not a crime anyway.

    As stupid as these posts are, people are allowed to call their MPs and voice whatever concerns they have. They are, after all, our elected representatives in parliament.

    (Original post by floury)
    You are simply a New World Orderist. Please don't listen to him people.

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    Could you please explain why you believe me to be a "New World Orderist"?

    It was an non-binding advisory referendum ffs. Besides, f there was a re-referendum, remain would win.

    The Brexit campaign was hardly healthy for democracy, which requires an informed voting population. We have a representative democracy whereby we elect MPs who act on our behalf, using their expertise. Treason as an offence is as stupid and undemocratic as blind nationalism that calls upon it. And the Queen swaying a vote is very undemocratic too.

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    (Original post by welshiee)
    I wouldn't take any of them seriously. Neither of them are capable of rational or logical thought and both go on ideological and emotionally driven ramblings that would lead most sane people to backing away from them in any social encounter.
    What has Kuncker said that is remotely compatible to saying the queen is a lizard? Can you give me an example of where he has come out with an official statement that is illogical or irrational?

    Do you have any evidence for such a ridiculous assertion? Come on, you usually come out with decent posts. You're better than this nonsense.
    Polls have shown that brexiters are far more prone to conspiracy theories and a large number believed that the referendum would be rigged- as evidenced by the craze about bringing pens.

    Additionally, a large degree of the pro brexit comments on here and other sites indicate a conspiracist.

    (Original post by welshiee)
    As expected, childishness. I guess the comment about you throwing a fit about sweets in Waitrose was close to the mark then.
    If you say so :cute:

    (Original post by welshiee)
    Still waiting for the impending apocalypse.........The irony is that most adults on Reddit who are also partaking in a similar discussion are happy to agree both campaigns lied. Its only on here where the children wreak havoc that tribalism and pettiness means that truth will not come to the fore of any discussion on the topic.
    lol, no high-profile leave campaigners predicted apocalypse, in fact they made a point of not doing that

    Because Reddit is a real bastion of intellectual, nuanced debate, isn't it? :lol: You can keep using that child joke, it was dead the first time but if it makes you feel better...

    (Original post by welshiee)
    As requested previously, something you have ignored, can you tell me how many people partook in the opinion poll? What was the sample size?
    You can look it up here: http://www.pewforum.org/2016/05/12/c...-gay-marriage/

    Pew Research Center's generally a well-respected organisation, so I can't really be arsed to find out how many people they asked. It's not like anti-gay attitudes in America (and in a lot of places) are/were a secret, anyway. If they had done the poll in 1940 it probably would have been 95+% opposed to it. The point is, the popular opinion is not always the right one - that's not a point of contention.

    (Original post by welshiee)
    Yes, nice to see that your view of democracy is distorted to the point you have contempt for it.
    I've already explained this, but I'll give it a go again: I don't have any contempt for the kind of democracy this country usually uses to decide important questions, just for the kind that allows the easily-swayed, uninformed masses to dictate my future to me.

    (Original post by welshiee)
    I'm not upset. I just know that you're a hypocrite. You like democracy when it goes your way, and you show petulance, childlike immaturity and contempt for it when it doesn't.
    I'd accept this decision if it came from Parliament (but, again, Parliament would have never voted to Leave), because it's an MP's job to be informed - obviously, it's naive to think they all vote based on rational and informed opinions, but that's the way it is. In any case, I place a much higher degree of trust in my MP to vote properly than the average citizen.

    (Original post by welshiee)
    I know what it means. Thanks for the concern though.
    I don't think you do, actually. Something can't be "vehemently" less important than something else. :teehee:
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Updated: July 7, 2016
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