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Police Staff Recruitment Process

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    Hey there, I have an assessment for a police staff role soon and was wondering if anyone knows the how long the recruitment process is for this type of job...

    It is not a police officer role though....

    Thank you!!!

    Hey,have you had your assessment yet? For most jobs like this, it should be round about 3-4 months from start to finish ie application to start date. From the assessment / interview you'll probably be looking at about 2 months minimum. In that time they'll be taking up references and carrying out background checks. If all ok, they'll then arrange a mutually acceptable start date, but there might be hiccups along the way which delay the process. If you're already in work, I wouldn't hand in your notice until you've received a firm offer or employment from whichever force you've applied to.

    Good luck.

    I overhead most police level 2 + vetting jobs with the police (Level 2 being access to police buildings) The vetting takes the most of the time before you even heard form then. It took my force about 6-8 months to accept and interview me for a volunteering role and that is only PNC etc vetting. They vet your family etc everything. The rest is usually quick I have heard.

    Depends on the force too and how many applicants they are taking in on the job?

    What role and force are you looking at? I only know about my force (West Yorkshire Police) so what I said could be very different to your force (if different)

    There are 2 elements to your application to the Police and both will affect the length of time it takes for completion of the process ie from application to starting. The first is the actual HR recruitment process and will be force dependent and how efficient and switched on that force is. Once the application deadline has passed, it shouldn't be more than a couple of weeks to complete the initial sift and invite candidates to interview / assessment. Interviews should take place about 2 weeks after the invitations are sent out. (All timings are approximate)

    After the interviews and/or any tests / assessments, you should find out whether you've been successful within a couple of days or 7 days at most.

    If you accept the offer, that's when referees will be approached for a written endorsement of you. At the same time the appropriate vetting process will be undertaken. This is the 2nd element of the recruitment process and the time this takes will depend on the role you're applying for. Most Police Staff roles will only require basic Force Vetting checks; however, if you're applying for a 'designated' role, then the checks will be more stringent and drawn out. There are 2 vetting processes (Police Force and National Security) and a number of vetting levels within each. The more sensitive the role you apply for, the vetting will be more intrusive, and time consuming, but a successful application at the highest level shouldn't take longer than 7-8 months otherwise it makes the whole recruitment process pointless. In practice, a lot of organisations would start you early and restrict access to the most sensitive material.

    The vetting process may also be delayed if the case officer requires to clarify certain information - this may involve additional research and/or an interview with you.

    As I said earlier, the majority of Police Staff roles should only require basic vetting checks, and the timescale I mentioned in my first post should be reasonably accurate.
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Updated: August 7, 2016
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