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A2 History Coursework Help

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    I got given a list of topics from my history teacher last week on what to base my A2 coursework on but I cannot decide which one to do! Please help!!

    The options are:
    > Russia 1917-1989. *
    > Mao's China. **
    > Protest and reform.
    > Oliver Cromwell.
    > The French Revolution.
    > Witchcraze.
    > Renaissance.
    > American Civil War.

    *Not really drawn to do this one because I've studied Russian history for 3 years already and feel as though I need to branch out in order to demonstrate that I can cover different periods.
    **Same as with Russia. Just keeping my options open!

    Hi there! Sorry for late reply. I'm in a similar boat, but have completely different options.

    Personally I'd say that either Protest/Reform or The French Revolution are the best options. The first still gives you a lot of choice, so you could really focus on an area you're interested in, and the second is just damn interesting. Both of these options will also allow you to do some ~philosophical~ reflection on their long-scale impact on the world and on history a a study itself.

    (Personally, I'd say French Rev because I absolutely adore it, and there's so many books and sources. If you need any specific help/advise with this just PM me!)

    I'm doing Mao's China, there are a ton of resources and I'm finding it pretty interesting! American civil war might be a good idea just because there would be loads of stuff to help you with that one like online courses etc and so you might find it easier to learn about? But pretty much just look into all of them and see if you find a particular area you like/enjoy?

    Whichever one you find most interesting. Choose it. Personally, if it was I who had to undertake the coursework, I would choose Mao's China are modern history is very interesting to me, especially when studying communist states. I already learned a fair bit about Russia and would have liked to delve into something new. The others don't interest me too much.

    Make a decision like this perhaps? The last thing you want to be doing is studying and writing about something you don't like.

    I studied the American Civil War at AS and it was soooooo interesting because there are so many layers to it and there is such a complex build up. It's a fascinating topic and there is an awful lot of information on the internet about it to help you.
    I would focus on the causes of the American Civil War because like I said, there are so many aspects to it and it's a very broad issue which is the key to having a smooth coursework process- you don't want to restrict yourself; it's the kiss of death to choose are really narrow question.
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Updated: September 6, 2016
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