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How to learn German language?

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    I'm thinking of applying German Universities next year and to do this I need to pass the German language test called 'Deutsche Sprachprüfung für den Hochschulzugang ausländischer '. But have no ideas of how to start learning the language. Could you give some advise please. Thank you

    Well, you could go here... there's a series of "pod" websites that can be used for learning various languages. They're pretty good, actually.


    They do give you a free trial, and they often give you a good deal on the first month.

    I use an App to learn Russian which is called Duolingo. Its really easy and works on 5 min lessons every day (you can set your own target for times) If you want to go to a German Uni though, you might want to look at actual lessons for a little. Just because if you are learning new things in a different language its going to be really difficult unless you are reasonably proficient. My friend is Chinese and her English is amazing, but when she came over for GCSE she really struggled learning things in science because of the odd words in it.

    For vocab:


    Listen to German music
    Watch German FIlm/Tv
    Read German [children's] books
    Use lang-8.com to practice writing German
    Read/listen to german news
    Make a blog or keep a journal where you write in German
    Start using German in your everyday life e.g. count in German
    lyricstraining.com for listening translation practice
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Updated: July 6, 2016
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