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Crush stories

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    Anyone got any embarrassing crush stories? Need a laff innit

    There was this girl I liked in school her name was Meghan. She first came to my attention in a year 8 science class, I remember it like it was yesterday. Anyway, I never told her how I felt, neither did I anyone else, the only reason she found out I liked her was my friend, Jason noticed me staring at her for a moment daydreaming. Then of course how friends are in school, Jason starts going around class saying that I like her and so forth. Then to my surprise, Meghan comes up to me and says, "Is it true, do you like me?", I don't answer not with words at least but I happened to blush apparently, because next thing I know she starts hugging me (very tightly too) and remarks, "aww, you love me". Me, not knowing weather to be embarrassed by this public display of affection, or turned on. Anyway as this is happening I say to Jason, "what the hell do you think you doing?", he of course being Jason just stands there, with a cheeky smile on his face and that is what started 3 years of a stand off, between myself and Meghan, each of us unwilling to make the next step or first move, call it what you like.

    Now I am a man that doesn't like to show public displays of emotion, so naturally I am terrified at making a fairly intimate connection, despite wanting it to happen and as I'm sure every modern bloke knows is that girls and women never, if ever make the first move. So Meghan, being a women takes my refusal to make the first move very badly and only makes her want me more! This goes on to the extent of speaking about her liking me but not wanting to come up to me because I had trichotillomania at the time and refusing to come up to me to her friends (I heard them speaking about it across the table I was sitting at, at lunch unbeknownst to them, I am very aware of my surroundings because of cadets). Her deliberately shoving into me around school, in an attempt to get me to say something to her, bit silly right? And towards the end of school, during GCSE's you know so all hand on deck time, she even got one of my old friends before he completely changed personality, Riley, Meghan standing behind him and he says, "Do you think Megan is pretty", KNOW HERES THE FUNNY PART. I mistakenly fought under all the noise coming from the kids in the corridor, he said, "Do you think Meghan is Ugly?" (Ugly and pretty are similar sounding if you think about it), to which I replied "No". "No?", Riley says. This of course ends with Meghan walking away laughing, (trying to laugh it off I think) and me thinking what? Then I realised Riley meant "pretty". I tried to walk back to her, when she walked back to her friend group. I was shouting "Riley, Riley?", but they didn't acknowledge, either they was ignoring me or they couldn't hear me, I don't know and that was that.

    So after all that, after knowing, full well that we both liked each other for about THREE years, neither of us never really spoke at all. Funny but sad when I look back at it. I guess she was the one that got away and this was only 2 years ago.
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Updated: July 7, 2016
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