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If you are financially doing well, would you be scared of change?

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Why bother with a post grad course - waste of time? 17-10-2016
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    I feel the majority of remain voters are scared of their own lifestyle changing for the worst. This is why they are so angry and out on the streets protesting. If a person or family are doing well financially and socially in life, it would be worrying to put that at risk by change.

    The leave voters I presume are the people who might be doing not as well OR they live in areas that they feel are in need of changes. They might live in areas that high levels of immigration occur and this affects them directly. Some may feel the only way we can ever change things is to be able to govern ourselves more locally. They might also be more effected financially by the Austerity measures. So both financially and also socially they feel big changes are needed.

    So, basically there was more people requiring changes to how the Country is being run, and why can't the remainer's understand this instead of having the attitude that leavers are ruining things for them?

    Works both ways, leavers are also potentially screwing themselves over and don't actually understand the repercussions. *looking at you wales*
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    many of the leavers judging by the areas that voted to leave.. are in areas that suffer from the direct affects of "poor" immigration. it is obvious to see that cities have high levels of immigration, however these tend to be highly qualified or student immigrants who do not suffer the "poor" immigration.

    When I say "poor" immigration I mean towns effected by too much immigration that is contributing to the public services being stretched and the infrastructure is not adequate to cope. These towns also suffer more from deprivation being so far away from the best job opportunities.. hence a lower working ,or none working class environment. Basically the people who really do struggle to live.. and who want change.

    So stopping the levels of "poor" immigrants putting more pressure on the public services was vital. Add to this the cuts to public services due to Austerity.. and a contribution to this Austerity was perceived to be the huge amount of money we pay to the EU.. again it was beneficial to get out of the EU...

    Well isnt everyone? Its natural to dislike change especially when the odds are saying a massive down swing in ones quality of life...
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Updated: July 8, 2016
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