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I voted remain in the EU referendum and I'm having difficulty with the breakup

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    I voted remain in the EU referendum and I am finding it difficult to come to terms with the break up.

    It is really hard for me as it is not what I wanted deep down but I feel as if I have been forced into this situation.

    I have cried every night since the referendum and think that our current relationship is under ever increasing strain.


    Hey anonymous,

    We will officially leave the EU in about two years time but do not think about all the negatives that will come across, think about the good things that will come. If it turns out you are not happy with the situation, then I would suggest to you to probably move in the future. Keep in mind we do not know what is going to happen yet, so don't feel sad about it.

    (Keep in mind we are the 5th richest country in the whole world, so people may want to have positive relationships with us)

    Don't worry, she didn't deserve you. Time will heal and you'll eventually come to terms with your breakup - perhaps not now, not tomorrow, maybe not even in a couple of years - but it will get easier. Don't give in to despair, if you allow yourself to slip down that road then you surrender to your lowest instincts. In your darkest times, hope is something you give yourself - that is the meaning of inner strength.

    Wut :lol:

    There are plenty more unions in the sea

    Seriously the UK economy will improve in next few more years. Be happy. Let Government control us.

    I voted remain and am sick of remainers acting like the world has imploded because the UK will leave the EU in two years as well.

    Feel your pain, but it's not actually that bad. Probably the worst aspect is the Neanderthal motivation of most leave voters. But consider:

    1. There is European life outside the EU. Look at Switzerland and Norway.

    2. The EU has some pretty wasteful rich mans club antics associated with it

    3. There still a chance that someone will come up with a fudge, given all the leave figure heads are retiring and Teresa May is totally ambivalent. Anyway can't see free movement cracking down affecting anyone who wants to go to a job in another country if we want to retain free trade agreements.

    4. The market uncertainty is all transient parr for the course stuff just like the boom and bust cycles.

    So, a shame leave snicked it on very dodgy grounds, but keep things in perspective, go out and get pissed and cheer up would be my advice.
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Updated: July 6, 2016
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