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Do I have to legally go to the uni that I have a 'unconditional: firmed' place with?

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    So, I am starting to get really confused and worried. Today I received an (unconditional offer) on a firmed uni choice. Does this mean I have to go there?

    See the thing is, the unconditional offer was originally a conditional offer, so I didn't expect this. I actually just firmed University of Cumbria and insured Queens University as backups. However, I have also accepted my HND offer at Belfast Met, and now I am afraid that I am gonna have to go to Cumbria nmw.

    For a while I wasn't really sure where I wanted to go. But with finance etc, the HND suited me more. Another problem is, I have already sorted my Student Finance for the HND, and haven't even looked at accomadtion in Cumrbia.

    Realistically, they can't legal force me to attend Cumbria? I mean, people change their mind? Is it best I contact UCAS and the university to sort something out? The worst that could maybe happen is start a bad reputation with the uni?

    Thanks a million for your help.

    No, you don't have to go. You can withdraw from UCAS altogether, which (if I've correctly understood your situation) may be easiest. Go to Track, then 'Application details', and from there click on 'Completely withdraw my application'. You'll lose the application fee, of course, but it cancels your contract with your firm and insurance choices. NB This can't be undone.

    I presume that the HND offer is running separately to UCAS; if not, the process is trickier and less certain, as you obviously can't just flat-out withdraw.

    It's not required from your side. When they give an unconditional the uni is legally obligated to give you a place but you yourself do not sign a contract until you actually sign up to your university during fresher's week. Until then you can change your mind as much as you want.

    It's not legally binding, but It is best to be mature, responsible and professional about the situation. Contact the university, thank them for their time in considering your application and of the offer, and respectfully make clear of your intentions to withdraw, having found a more suitable role elsewhere.
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    You are all life savers, thank you very much!! I will contact the university now. Yes, SosbanFach, the HND is a separate application. It is through BMC itself, rather than UCAS! I am hoping to do a top up degree at a uni after I complete my two years on the HND, so I am going to ask about this in my email.

    Again, thank you for your replies, I was literally freaking out haha
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Updated: July 6, 2016
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