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BREXIT: If 16/17 year olds allowed to vote remain would have won by landslide.

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    (Original post by tanyapotter)
    #SpellCheckARacist is a thing I would like to be implemented
    It already is https://www.facebook.com/spellcheckbigots/


    (Original post by nulli tertius)
    Don't you see that if you concede that if the decision was one of spite or revenge or pique, you rob it of democratic legitimacy? Democracy relies on a tacit assumption that everyone is voting for the good of the country. Once you accept they aren't, democracy loses any moral force.
    I only conceded that some probably did vote for that reason, and they were not voting out of socioeconomic hostility; they were angry because of what they felt was their marginalisation and decreased standard of living in exchange for the achievement of the liberal elite's wet dream. You can argue that that is a misunderstanding of the facts but that misunderstanding continuing to the polling stations in such numbers is the fault of campaigning in the Remain side, principally because that situation is the result rather of their lead campaigner. I don't think that wanting to spite the elites was the starting point of any significant number of Brexiters.

    How many Remainers voted less out of an informed opinion that it was 'for the good of the country' than out of the prejudice that a vote for Brexit was a vote for Farage and xenophobia which would make them less intelligent and sophisticated? Rather a lot of people, I bet. Did their votes have 'moral force' and 'democratic legitimacy'? You will have seen some of these people speaking in Q & As. Here is one such exchange. The Brexiter may be wrong in his conclusions but he has clearly tried to investigate this issue much more than his Remainer opponent.

    There seems to me more value and legitimacy in an angry vote based on a misunderstanding of the facts than a neutral vote based on an insecure self-image and an ambition to be on the nice side without considering the facts at all

    However, you can't start saying that one vote is less legitimate than another based on x because once you start down that road there is no end and before you know it we are measuring people's heads. Ultimately I am confident that the vast majority of people voted in good faith in this referendum for what they thought was the right course of action

    But generally democracy does not rely on the tacit assumption that everyone is voting for the good of the country. Democracy relies on the assumption that everyone votes for what is in their best interests and by sheer force of numbers the eventual result will be in the best interests of the country as well.
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Updated: July 7, 2016
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