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newrecord's Summer Bucket List!!

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Why bother with a post grad course - waste of time? 17-10-2016
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    In which I try to keep busy, make some money and generally not be lazy over the summer! I have almost 3 months from now until I start uni in September so let's make this productive!



    = DONE
    = in progress
    = not done

    Continue to volunteer at least once a week

    Finish a painting

    Go to the cinema

    Go on holiday with my family

    Snorkel in the sea

    Get a job!!!!! :eek4:

    Sell something on ebay

    Go on a trip with my boyfriend (money permitting)

    Cook some fancy meals

    Read at least 10 books from my bookshelf

    Get into some kind of exercising or sport

    Grow vegetables

    Host a party for my friends
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    My Summer So Far...

    So I've actually been 'off for summer' for a couple of months now- I was at university this year but dropped out in April. Since then I've applied for and accepted an offer to study at the University of Sheffield (yay!), done some work experience and begun some volunteering jobs.

    Work Experience:
    In May I did a project in university molecular biology labs which was really interesting and fun! I'm going to be studying Biomedical Science in September so I think this will be really useful to have on my CV.

    I've been volunteering at a charity shop for a couple of months now and mostly go in 10-4 on Sundays. I get on really well with the staff and other volunteers there, plus I get to make displays and dress mannequins while we all just have a laugh.
    Since last week I've begun volunteering at a local wildlife hospital which is so much fun! There's lots of animals to feed and clean out, plus the general housekeeping that we do. This is mostly manned by volunteers as well, and everyone who goes there seems to really enjoy it. I think it's mostly down to how cute the baby hedgehogs are
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    I got a job!! Starting this blog must have given me some lucky karma or something, because yesterday I had a phone interview and was accepted! I'll be working making crepes on a trailer which goes to events and festivals over the summer, which means I'll get to go to some cool places and obviously eat a lot of delicious crepes :drool:

    I've been asked to do a festival this weekend, so come tomorrow morning I'll be on my way to Hertfordshire!

    Bit crazy and so last minute but quite exciting too! Today I'm going into town to buy some stuff for the camping, and I also need to get my best friend a present for her birthday which I've left so late!

    So yesterday was crazy, but I managed to go to the wildlife hospital in the evening to see my animal friends (and almost get attacked by a barn owl)
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Updated: July 7, 2016
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