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ADHD and uni and work?

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    I'll make this clear from the beginning- I've never officially been diagnosed with ADHD/ADD; when I asked for help from my GP and college they weren't very helpful and basically sneered at me about it saying there wasn't much they could do so I've been somewhat put off from getting diagnosed or whatever.

    Right from when I was little my mum being a psychiatric nurse kind of knew there was something wrong with me but never did anything about it because she hated the idea of me being put on drugs when I was so young... I got kicked out of preschool because I would never concentrate, do as I was told or be quiet when they were reading stories or everyone was supposed to be having a nap.

    I was always told off all through school, high school and college for being disruptive but obviously not enough to pull up red flags and I never wanted to be how I was, I just wanted to learn but when the lessons were going too slow or the topic was boring then I would start calling out, distracting others and generally daydreaming and being distracted.

    I finished college recently and thought it would be alright because I was no longer stuck with a rigid schedule doing things I don't want to but I recently went on holiday with my boyfriend and he kept making comments about me getting really agitated when he wasn't giving me attention and we did a 4 hour quad bike tour and I had to drive for the full 4 hours and I was getting really mad shouting at him because I was getting restless and I basically shouted at him the whole holiday claiming he wasn't speaking to me enough or whatever. Basically whenever I wasn't doing anything or doing something for too long then I would get restless/agitated/angry... the only thing I could do for a long time was read.

    He often makes comments about me getting agitated about things and I haven't spoken to anyone for a few days in person apart from my family and I got so bored I started crying because I feel trapped not being able to talk to anyone (I have 2 good friends who I enjoy spending time with but they are often busy). It comes and goes, especially after I've been out or had a break from college I can be perfectly fine for a few days but then suddenly my heads all wrong again.

    Basically I'm worried about Uni and getting a job because I want to be an Air Traffic Controller (previously in Germany but thanks Nigel Farage and co ) because this problem has plagued me since I can remember and I don't want it to hinder me but I also don't know where to find help! I think if I can get it under control I can still be an ATC but I'm not so sure as it's a bit vague.

    Do I get it sorted before Uni or whilst I'm there and away from all the nasty GPs in my town?

    Sorry for the long post but any comments would be appreciated :bl:

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    Sorry for the late reply! Not really sure what to suggest if I'm honest- it sounds like you've done all the right things but just been really unlucky with the professionals you've been in contact with. Once you're at uni get in contact with the student support departments and talk to them about it, also register with a new GP and see what they can do. In the mean time, I'm sure you've asked but is there anything your mum can think of that might help? Or online? Even if it's just as simple as having something do play with in your hands (I use hair ties or elastic bands a lot) it could make a big difference. Really hope things improve for you soon anyway, hopefully someone else will come back with a more useful reply now I've bumped this!
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