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Pareto review

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    My advice to anyone considering going through Pareto is don't be naïve. There are a lot of negative reviews of Pareto around the web and it's because they recruit from a huge number of grads, and a lot of people get rejected and take to the web to vent.I went through Pareto and I am now working in a job I absolutely love. The assessment day is quite challenging, but fun if you have the right mindset. For a role in sales you need to be competitive, determined and fast paced. The assessment day is based around that, with team exercises etc to give you a chance to show that you can think on your feet / work in a team etc. Pareto do what they say, after I got through I was sent hundreds of jobs they thought were relevant to me, from which I sifted through until I found a few I liked, went to 3 interviews and selected 1 and started working a few weeks later. I love where I work and what I do, and my employers only interviewed people from Pareto so it is fair to say I would never have got this job without them.

    This is so obviously a fake review that it pains my eyes to read it, I find it funny that pareto hoth claim to not care about reviews but also urge candidates to email them not leave bad reviews and go around posting such obvious fake reviews. I think you underestimate the average member of the student room if you expect this post to work.

    I had two assessment days in the same week, one on wednesday with pareto law and one on friday with bms. Whilst I enjoyed both days the experience I had at BMS felt much more professional compared to pareto law and ended with some real interviews with real companies. It isnt fair to directly compare both days because I 'failed' the pareto day but passed the BMS day. However I do feel let down by pareto. They made a big deal about offering feedback the next day to both successful an unsuccessful candidates but I have recieved no follow up at all from them. I have e-mailed them and called them many times but every call now goes straight to answering machine after one ring. I am sure candidates who passed are happy but I am not impressed because I have NO idea what I did wrong. Especially annoying because Jack, their graduate recruitment leader (or something similar) told us all when we were waiting on our results NOT to give a bad review but instead to send him an email. Well Jack if you hadnt mentioned bad reviews I wouldnt have given it a second thought but here is mine.
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Updated: July 16, 2016
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