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I'm worried incase I have an STI, and possibly have given my boyfriend it

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    So the other day when I went for a shower, I used some cream after showering (like moisturiser) and a few hours later my vagina started to have a burning sensation, so I went to clean it in some lukewarm water without any soap, and it felt fine after that.
    After about an hour or two me and my boyfriend had sex (weve been together over a year and have frequent sex ) and it hurt a little, but I didn't think anything of it.

    Anyway, the morning after my vagina was still really irritant, and had swelled, to make matters worse, my boyfriend had little red spots all over the end of his penis, and now they're on his shaft.

    They are red and white spot like, and there is more than yesterday morning. He said that they don't hurt him in anyway, but I'm worried incase I gave him thrush or something?

    Please reply as I don't know if I'm over reacting or not. Thanks

    Ask a doctor...

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    Probably thrush. You shouldn't really put perfumed things on your vagina or anything else that will irritate it. Go get tested at a clinic, both you and your boyfriend, because even if it is just thrush you both need to treat it.

    Looks like thrush. Surely u can get something from a chemist for that

    There is this thing called Thrush, however it is non-transferable and it only happens with women. In your case you can use Canestin creme.
    Go see a gynacologist.

    (Original post by Anonymous)
    There is this thing called Thrush, however it is non-transferable and it only happens with women. In your case you can use Canestin creme.
    Erm, while it's not always sexually acquired, thrush is definitely something men can get and it's something partners can pass to each other - it's a yeast infection.

    So yes, see your GP, but if it is thrush, both of you need treatment or you'll just end up passing it back and forth.
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Updated: July 14, 2016
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