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What the hell am I?

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    As much as I deplore our obsession of identifying ourselves with things we have no choice over (e.g. ethnicity, nationality, etc.) instead of our actions, I still feel lost as I don't know what I am.

    I was born and raised in Egypt, till I was 18 in 2014, that's when I moved to London. This alone I think should make me Egyptian, but I don't feel so. I hate Egyptian culture, their if-it-works-then-its-perfect mentality and their way of life. I never for a minute thought I belonged there, and had been living 18 years of constant exasperation with the way every thing works and the way people think there.

    I am British citizen and I do speak with a British accent despite being here only for two years, to the point that during my university interviews, the interviewer did not believe I was here only for 2 years and asked me to submit further evidence to prove that. I like British liberal culture and the British pessimistic mentality, but I don't feel I have the right to be a part of it given I wasn't born or raised here.

    On top of all that, I have no religion to fall back to, and thus there is pretty much nothing that I feel I belong to.

    Any thoughts?

    I for one am happy to accept you as British. Welcome!

    You are a human being.. that's all that should matter in life!

    Of course you have the right to be a part of it, being British isn't an earned right, as far as I'm concerned you can identify however you feel most comfortable

    You are what you choose to be

    But as a 'native' I must say you are the type of 'immigrant' we want in this country rather than clinging desperately to your past identity you embrace your new identity.

    But know this I would defend your right to be British without question or care.

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