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    I was wondering if anyone is going to be staying in the grange as of sept 2016? Also If any students currently or previously staying there could tell me what it's like and how they've found their experience there? I'm super nervous aha.

    my friend lived there for her first year its really closed to campus(literally 2/3 minutes walk),it seems to be quite too
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    Thank you

    I stayed at the grange last year and it was awful, completely ruined my first year of uni.

    Here is a list of issues which I know for a fact wont be solved when you get there for this September

    It is wayyyy too expensive, I paid £123 a week, for a tiny room sharing a kitchen with 5 other people, there wasnt enough cupboards to go round either, in total, I paid around £6000 for a year, plus deposit and £500 up front, ridiculous

    The staff are rude. All unite want is your money, the cleaner is supposed to come every other week, but they only went to my flat maybe 5/6 times the whole year, meaning I had to waste my time cleaning stuff that should be cleaned by a cleaner.

    The key cards. They are so damn awful, they are basically fob cards that are programmed to your flat and building, but they barely ever worked, and if you go locked out of your flat because your key wouldnt work, they charged you £20 for being let into your own flat

    The washing.
    The washing machines, well where do I start? they are coin operated, so you have to have exactly £3.20 for a was and £1.80 for a dry, now this doesn't seem too bad, but when there is no change machine, and it only takes pound coins, 20p's and 50p's then its very annoying. Plus the fact that everytime I did the drying, it seemed like the dryer wasnt working properly because after an hour and a half of drying, they never came out dry, meaning you had to either have wet clothes or spend more money on drying

    Throughout my time here, I had 3 of my 5 flatmates who smoked weed inside the flat, which meant that it constantly stunk of weed, the fire alarm often went off, and they always had people round to smoke it with them, in their room, which they stole all of the seats out of the kitchen to accomodate, very annoying when you also have people over. I told the security about this at least 10 times throughout the year, they did absoloutely nothing about it and all in all I hated them 3 guys

    The bin room.
    I was on the ground floor, Flat G01, the bin room is next door, it constantly smelt so bad that I have literally vomited going past it to get to my flat, and what is worse, in the summer, it has flys and I even saw a dead mouse/ rat in there, it is so bad that I have complained about it a lot but they don't do anything about it

    One more thing

    there is never any people in this place, the rooms are all full, but there are never any people walking around, there is no proper communal area apart from where people go to smoke, and it is dead all the time, even during freshers week

    oh and the tv signal is so bad that you cant watch anything without it going fuzzy and cutting out
    thats what you get for having one ariel for 140 rooms

    Anyways, to sum up, I WOULD NOT RECOMMEND THE GRANGE, however this has only been my experience, so take it or leave it
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Updated: July 17, 2016
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