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My mom stresses the sh** out of me

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    I'm 16 and I live with my mom, my sister left us last year for uni so it's just me and her now. Here goes, everything that comes out of her mouth is negative, EVERY SINGLE THING, I absolutely hate talking to her. Every single time she comes into my room I know she's gonna say something negative, every single day she comes into my room and pisses me off on purpose, she knows she's gonna piss me off and stress me out and there is absolutely nothing I can say or do to change that because then she will either kick me out or start breaking stuff. She only ever stops talking if I'm just silent and stand there while she is complaining and that infuriates her even more, when she doesn't get to me she will go contemplate her next rant. I am always anxious because I can hear her walking towards the door before she even comes in and I just stand in the middle of my room, it's my only choice, if I'm doing anything else she will always, ALWAYS, ALWAYS find a way to criticize what I am doing.

    What does she rant about?

    I had a mother like that when I was 15. She kept threatening me to "send me to boarding school" if I didn't comply to her rules and listened to her wisdom. One day I snapped and told her she was a f..ing c..t. She kicked me out into boarding school. Best day of my life. I am now planning to go to Uni as far away as possible and make sure I don't depend on her financially so that she cannot use financial support as a way of blackmailing me. So I am currently working in a restaurant at weekends and am temping in the City during the summer to get cash to live on during the year. I don't think she saw it coming.

    Don't take this rubbish from her. She is your mother not your slavemaster. And you have the right to be independent too. If she pisses you off when she comes into your room can you work elsewhere like the local library? She is controlling and she will control you even if it has a negative impact on you. People like that are awful and I don;'t even think they are fully aware of what they are doing. She is most likely doing it for attention seeking and it got worse now that your sister has gone. So you are the only one she has left and that is why she seeks to control you.

    My experience of many 16 year olds is that they perceive themselves as saints and that their parents are always nagging at them for nothing and that they do nothing to contribute to being nagged at.
    If living at home is so unbearable, then get a part time job, save up and when you are able to, move out. Study at the local library.
    Or better still, you could try talking to her and tell her how she makes you feel. Or you could put it down on paper.
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Updated: July 7, 2016
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