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Looking for a DSLR camera

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    Hi guys. I am looking for a Canon/Nikon(preferred though open to other brands) DSLR cameras but given there are so many options to choose from, I am finding it difficult to pin point a specific model.
    This is my first time getting a proper camera for professional use. I will be editing greatly so detail of the images matter. What I am looking for is as follows:

    1) My budget is a up to a maximum of £300 (Body + Lens included)
    2) Camera should be able to take images as well as videos.
    3) 1080p 60fps video capture
    4) Greater than or equal to 18MP
    (The higher, the better of course)
    5) Slow motion capability
    6) Touchscreen is ideal for LCD
    7) Swivelling/tilt LCD screen
    8) Better auto focus especially during recording videos.
    9) Capturing fast moving objects
    10) Wifi capability

    These are all I can write so far from the top of my head but will add more if I can think of any. And I know I am being picky but I don't mind any suggestions for which the specifications are not far off from the mentioned above.
    And I don't mind buying a second hand (used) camera so as long as the above preferences are matched.
    Thanks a lot.

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    (Original post by MyNameIsUsername)
    Greater than or equal to 18MP (The higher, the better of course)
    Don't get caught up on megapixel count, it's a poor indicator of image quality and will be largely irrelevant to the end image unless you plan on cropping heavily or making large prints on a regular basis. Besides that, any DSLR from the last few years will have enough of a megapixel count to satisfy.

    But yeah, that aside, the best option buying new *(I'm not familiar enough with the used market anymore to make rexommendations on that front) will probably be the Nikon D3300- it's the only thing under £300 in a kit that I can think of that meets the majority of your criteria. It doesn't have slow motion video, but to be honest I can't think of any interchangeable lens camera that offers this as a feature, at least not anything close to your entry level budget. However the D3300's 60fps shooting means you can manually slow the footage down to 2x slo mo at 30fps or 2.5x slo mo at 24fps in post processing. If you want faster frame rates than that then I would wager Panasonic's mirrorless cameras might be best bet since you don't mind buying used, they're typically more video oriented than most other brands.

    Your issue with buying used is that the enthusiast grade gear you'll be able to get for under £300 will be a few generations old, which is fine for your photo needs but your video requirements will be a lot harder to meet on older equipment. See what you can find, but you may have to compromise somewhere.
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    (Original post by Gofre)
    Hi. Thank you for your input and my apologies for the late reply. I finally ended up getting Nikon D5300 which was more expensive but worth it. I am in love with it.

    (Original post by MyNameIsUsername)
    Hi. Thank you for your input and my apologies for the late reply. I finally ended up getting Nikon D5300 which was more expensive but worth it. I am in love with it.
    Good choice :yy:

    Good choice on that Nikon D5300.

    I'm a Nikon user too and it's really worth it.
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Updated: August 24, 2016
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