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How the European Union were Blackmailed into the Single Market

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    The European Round Table of Industrialists is an influential group in the European Union consisting of some 50 European industrial leaders.

    A short list of members - past and present - of the ERT include

    Peter Sutherland - (Goldman Sachs, Bilderberg, Trilateral Commission)
    Peter R. Voser (Royal Dutch Shell)
    Carl-Henric Svanberg (BP)
    Jan du Plessis (Rio Tinto)
    Franco Bernabè (Telecom Italia)Kurt Bock (BASF)Jean-François van Boxmeer (Heineken)
    Ton Büchner (AkzoNobel)Paul Bulcke (Nestlé)
    Vittorio Colao (Vodafone)
    Peter Baxendell (Shell)

    Former Secretary General of the ERT, Keith Richardson, wrote a report entitled
    Big Business and the European Agenda, an ASEED Europe report called Misshaping Europe is quoted:

    "Presenting a report under the name of the ERT seems to be the only way of getting the attention of the leaders of the EC (the European Community, as it then was). Time after time the ERT has succeeded in getting the EC to adopt the agenda of business at the expense of the environment, of labour and social concerns and of genuine democratic participation....."

    "The political agenda of the EC has to a large extent been dominated by the ERT......While the approximately 5000 lobbyists working in Brussels might occasionally succeed in changing details in directives, the ERT has in many cases been setting the agenda for and deciding the content of EC proposals."


    Is this fact, your opinion, or conspiracy?
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