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Living in the back of a PANEL VAN at university?

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    In October, I'll be heading off to university to study a degree in Economics at Leeds (assuming my A level grades go according to plan). Like everyone, I've applied for student accommodation on the university campus for my first year, but I was wondering in my second and third years would it be feasible to live in the back of a converted panel van. I know this sounds crazy, and perhaps quite undignified at first hearing, but I've seen many people living in London choose to live in the back of a converted van to get around the ridiculous house prices (and rent) in London.

    The reason I think this would be a good idea's because it would mean I have a lot more spare money at the end of each month, given my monthly spending on accommodation and necessities would be minimal, at most £250 per month. Just to show you some examples of what a converted van can look like:

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    Here's also a news article on a couple who decided to ditch their home in order to live on the road:


    Contrary to popular belief, vans can have toilets and showers installed even though they're not connected to the mains. Solar panels on the roof is also more than enough to power a TV and a laptop, and a wireless USB dongle can provide an internet connection.

    What are your opinions?

    Sounds spartan tbh - Leeds gets cold in January.
    Where are you going to park it, many car parks ban 'overnight camping' and residential areas might get a bit intolerant of you living there.
    If people work out you've got a laptop and telly in there it's quite likely to get robbed.
    Any sort of mechanical problems and you could end up without a home and a means of transport in one blow.
    Showers and toilets don't work by magic - you'll have to empty a sewage tank out somewhere.
    No postal address to use for job applications
    otoh if you pull it off you could write a book about your experience or at least sell your story to the daily mail.

    The problem is the infrastructure needed to support it long term, I doubt a solar panel would be enough(especially in winter) and as above you'll need somewhere to dump the toilet waste(you can't legally just dump chemical toilet waste down an ordinary drain).
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Updated: July 9, 2016
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