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Failing a Resit

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    I was wondering if any second year students can help me. I've just taken a resit module but I wasn't to confident on the exam, I was just wondering as to what would happen if I failed the referred exam? I have passed all my other modules

    Thank you

    Hi, I'm in first year so I don't know sorry. I just had a question about this as well and not sure if its different. I need to retake coursework and exam for one module but passed everything else, not confident about it though especially coursework as its too hard to complete.

    So my question is basically, if I fail the resits can I still get into 2nd year

    There are rules published by your partocular uni. they sau what happens. normally you can resit, but you will be capped at 40%. It may be you are allowed to resit again or they may require you to retake the whole year. You have to find the rules (normally on the website) and they say what happens.

    That will also be the same if you fail coursework. It will say whether you are allowed to proceed or not.
    If you dont feel confident in reviewing the rules, then I suggest you go and see one of the advisors in the SU and they will explain.

    Hmm I see its Westminster. I shall have a look later if I have time.

    I have had a brief look.

    Depends whether the module was core or not. You are best waiting for your result.
    If its core, then they cna exclude you from the course and stop further progression, they can also give you a condoned credit or ask you to retake the whole module. Wait and see. You may well have passed. that would eb the answer for OP.
    They require a min pass rate of 40% overall, but each component i.e the coursework must be 30% or above. That gives you some scope. The answer is same as above you will have to wait to see what they say. You could have passed. If you were close you could get a condoned credit or they could ask you to retake the whole module. If you fail badly then they cna stop you progressing, but the options given is all at their discretion based on what you scored and we dont know that.

    https://www.westminster.ac.uk/file/5...ownloadFailure .


    I appreciate the help, thanks for finding the links. That eased my mind a bit, nothing I can do until I do it and get my results I guess.
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Updated: July 7, 2016
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