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Why are people in this country (England) so disrespectful?

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    I work for a local independent off-license to supplement for my university expenses and recently I had a man wanting to buy some cigars for his child. He told me that it was his intention and of course, the law clearly states that an adult can not buy cigarettes for a child. I politely told him that I could not serve him and he got mad (typical in this country - unfortunately I was born here!). Literally swore at me and became aggressive - which in fact is threatening behaviour. What gives him the right to swear at me for doing my job properly? I didn't want to retaliate and find that my mixed-race brown ass will be on the receiving end - typical again in this country where the innocent get blamed and punished!

    My mother is from India, and life there is a lot different. No child dares to disrespect their teacher and the majority of people have respect for the police - unlike here. Most of them are well-educated, clean and care a lot about their parents. Yet here, it is the complete opposite and I do not intend on staying here any much longer. The question is, why are people in this country - especially the youth so disrespectful?

    We are not all disrespectful, just as all Indian men are not prone to gang rape.


    When multiculturalism erodes communities to the point where neighbourhoods operate on fractured lines, not only do people (in LDN esp) retreat in to their own small group but very often worse than that they retreat in to their own individual world where there is no requirement to acknowledge other people. In places where the multicultural agenda has not yet taken hold like rural northern Britain or Southern Italy people toe the line because others in the neighbourhood would quickly inform the parents. For a lot of people in urban Britain as long they go to the DSS once a week they can pretty much bury their heads in their computer, phones and social media for the rest of it.

    Partly because the UK lets any old riffraff in. Partly also because we breed our own riffraff, deny them jobs and give em a few quid for ****, booze and sky sports. What we dont do is train people to build interplanatary spacecraft, design and refine energy efficient transport, research effective treatments for cancers and other common life threatening medical issues, create complex prosthetic body parts for the injured/disabled and other generally useful or interesting stuff. This is why America has NASA and F22 Raptors and we got Jobcentre Plus and speed cameras.

    I wouldn't say Asians are so much kinder and nicer than British people. As an Asian, I've experienced the opposite.

    Why is the word f.a.g.s auto censored? I find smoking repulsive but this seems odd.

    Why do all tall people play World of Warcraft?
    I have a tall friend who plays World of Warcraft, why do all tall play World of Warcraft?
    I have another short friend who doesn't play it, I think this means that short people are better than tall people because they don't play stupid games.
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Updated: July 7, 2016
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