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Myth-Busting Mondays: How much debt does your average student graduate with?

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    Around £44000
    Around £47000
    Around £40000
    Around £52000
    An absolutely silly amount!


    (Original post by Snufkin)
    Whoever told you that is wrong. We will remain in the EU for 2 years minimum after we trigger article 50, so fees will not change next year. I'm an Irish citizen so it will still be free for me whatever happens.
    It was in a newspaper article about Brits moving to the continent for uni.

    That's what I thought... Unless they meant to say that this year will be garunteed at UK Domecile rates for the entire course but next year they will start charging after we left the EU.

    (Original post by Snufkin)
    Germany (and Denmark and Sweden for that matter) are free though! Dutch unis are cheaper than the UK but still overpriced IMO!
    No I prefer the Netherlands tbh. Much closer to London so I could just visit my mates and my sister.

    (Original post by Snufkin)
    I have no idea what the average is but the poorest students on a 3 year degree studying in London will be £59,106 in debt by the time they graduate, and that figure will only rise once tuition fees start to rise with inflation. People doing longer degrees (language students, integrated master's students etc) will be nearly £80,000 in debt. it seems absurd but studying in the United States is cheaper than the UK these days.

    I don't think people will be put off because realistically, what other alternative is there for 18 year olds? If it's a choice between going into debt in order to have the career you want, or not going to university at all and being stuck in some dead-end job then there's no choice at all. But the number of mature, part-time and second-degree students looking to retrain has already fallen sharply and doubtless will continue to fall as fees increase.
    That is incredible!! I completed my bachelors in engineering in 1969, and worked my way through school - living at home with me 'rents. Consequently, i had almost no debt. I didn't own anything, other than a rusty old car, but i didn't owe anything either. My masters degree was paid for by my employer at the time (that is customary, at least in engineering here. My only costs were for transportation and textbooks. The books were non-trivial (some of them) being over $300 in a couple of cases, but i could pay for them out of my regular salary - as i was working 40 hrs/wk as an engineer whilst going to grad school.

    It IS cheaper to go to uni here in the states - as demonstrated by your post. I'm amazed!! I guess one has to decide how important education is to society as a whole, and let that govern how you structure your salary and fees. Now i didn't attend MIT or Cal Tech, but i got my masters degree (in engineering) from George Washington Uni, here in D.C. They are a decent school. My undergrad degree was from a small engineering school in New England. My experience has been that, unless you went to MIT or Yale, no recruiter has ever heard of your undergrad school anyway, so it doesn't matter. Cheers.
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Updated: July 27, 2016
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