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Blackheads HELP!!

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    What can I use to get rid of extreme black heads? like which products do you reccomend

    American cops.


    make a thick paste using baking soda and lemon juice- scrub on the affected area for 5 minutes. Works like a treat

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    What can I use to get rid of extreme black heads? like which products do you reccomend
    The St Ives Facial Scrub range.
    My daughter used it to clear up her (neglected) skin.

    DIY face mask I use all the time for blackheads - you need an egg white and toilet paper.
    (egg white shrinks pores, contains tons of nutrients that benefit the skin, has been used in face mask recipes since ancient times) Wash your face before you do this.

    separate an egg yolk, put the egg white in a small bowl. Mix it with a fork or whisk or whatever until it's kinda fluffy. Then get 2ply toilet paper, separate the sheets (so it's two thin sheets) and tear them up into little pieces (you're basically doing paper mache on your face)

    apply the egg whites over the area with blackheads, stick bits of tissue on over your skin, and apply another layer of egg white to secure the tissue down. Wait until it all dries (feels solid on your face) - should take about 20/25 mins. When it's all dried, carefully peel off the hardened mask and your blackheads should come out stuck to the paper (the last bit is really fun haha)
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Updated: July 9, 2016
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